Networking Field Day 7

I’ve had the awesome pleasure of being invited to attend Networking Field Day 7 as a delegate!

Taking a look at the list of vendors that will be presenting, we’ll be plenty busy with reviewing some of their new offerings, along with asking questions and providing some feedback.

I’ve said it before and I’m going to say it again, what Stephen has done with Tech Field Day is nothing short of astounding. Providing an unbiased platform for the community to get some face time on an intimate level with vendors and the ability to provide candid feedback and insight into their offerings and products is substantial, to say the least. It also provides the vendors with the ability to gain that insight into the community that drives a lot of the decisions that we, as engineers within the IT realm, make every day. Hats off to Stephen for doing such great work.

That said, I look forward to attending and will be considerably upping my blogging game moving forward. I can’t wait to get back into the community side of the industry, especially after immersing myself in my CCIE studies for the last 6 months. Let’s hope I pass on the 7th!

Follow along here at my blog, or at my many social media outlets, which you should be able to find within my blog. In fact I should go check that now…

Anyway, February 19th can’t come soon enough! Can’t wait!


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