ONUG Hackathon and Tech Field Day

I’m sitting on the Amtrak headed to NYC as I type this and I wanted to throw out there how excited I am to be able to partake in two parts of the Open Networking User Group in these next few days. If you’ve spoken to me then you know how keen I am on what the next few years will bring to data networks and what the impact will be. I’m one of the analytics believers that sees a whole lot of state that exists in today’s data networks ripe and ready to be collected and crunched to help bring faster, and more agile systems for us to develop on top of in the near future.

The first part of ONUG that I will be participating in is the hackathon. I was invited a few months back to be a part of a team and I eagerly accepted the offer and we’re working on how to apply SDN concepts for use over the WAN for organizations that have a highly distributed footprint. I’ll be sure to post more information surround that when we’re done with the hackathon. The concentration on the Data Center with respect to SDN is warranted, but we shouldn’t forget about how we have to get data back to the Data Center to begin with.

The second event that I’m going to be a part of, and am equally excited about is the Tech Field Day ONUG events that will be taking place, and the vendors that we will get to talk to. It’s always a blast to participate in the Tech Field Day events as you get to talk to a lot of incredibly intelligent people about some harshly complex problems that we’re all trying to solve on a daily basis. Along with getting some exposure to the latest and greatest that companies have to offer.

Here’s to more nerdiness!


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