Bitter Sweet – Moving On

I wanted to take a chance to give everyone in the community the news that I have accepted a position within the Plexxi team. I’ll be working within the Product Management team and concentrating specifically on Big Data Fabrics and what advances and gains can be made with the application of the Plexxi product (I sound like a vendor already, eh?). I will also be helping contribute to the ODL community moving forward in this role a bit as well. I’m extremely excited about the opportunity and the contributions I can make to the organization and the general advancement of the technology. That’s the sweet part.

The bitter part is the job that I am leaving, as I’ve really enjoyed bringing connectivity to the entire educational community of Connecticut, all K-20 educational institutions, and putting impressive speeds in the hands of the kids of the educational system and truly helping to bridge the digital divide that exists today. The team I worked with was impressive handling the workload that we had with such a lean staff and I will miss working with them.

The second semi-bitter part is having to give up my independent status within the community. I will no longer have the ability to participate non-vendor events such as Tech Field Day events, at least from the independent side, from now on. However, I look forward to bringing some potentially interesting solutions to the table for them to vet and help me better myself as a whole as well.

I remember about 3 years ago, talking with Brent Salisbury and Nick Buraglio about the potential impacts of SDN, back when OpenFlow had just hit the scene and we were still trying to understand what that meant and where it fit. Fast forward 3 years and I talk about seeing the network as another consumable that will ultimately be abstracted and consumed much easier than it is today, and I now get to directly contribute to making that happen within one of three companies I’d ever convinced myself that I’d leave the independent scene for. I’m excited for what the opportunity will bring and I really look forward to still delivering content back to the community as much as possible.

Here’s to the future!

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