Goals for 2014

2013 was a wild ride and I was able to accomplish two goals of my list of four from last year. Pass my CCIE Written and post more to my blog. And I’d say I failed in the latter of the two. That said, I was able to attend my first Cisco Live last year along with NANOG and my first Tech Field Day at the beginning of 2014, so I plan to start to contribute a ton more to my blog. Without further ado here is a running list of goals I have for 2014 :

  • Write more! – Whether it be blog posts, white papers, or just random thoughts. I need to write more down.
  • Complete my CCIE Routing and Switching Lab <- Keep this from last year, I still need to finish it!
  • Pursue my ideas surrounding SDN – specifically helping build intelligence driven infrastructure
I think 3 goals are enough for this year. They’re ambiguous enough to keep me driving through the year, but specific enough to give me focus. I foresee a lot of new learning in the realm of programming and mathematics and honestly I cannot wait.

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